Rental fee : 10,000 THB
Quantity : 1


   - Small and lightweight.
   - Frosted, removable 80 mm/3” Fresnel lens.
   - The light spread can be adjusted from 10-40°.
   - Optional clear Fresnel lens available for faster light fall-off and more character.
   - Optional Dedolight® attachment available for projecting sharp gobos, patterns and pin spots.
   - Built-in fan allows continuous use.
   - Powerful modeling light.
   - Can be used with both Pro and D4 packs.
   - Integrated support for filters and optional barndoors.


   -  MultiSpot 230V
   -  Barndoor for Multispot
   -  Iris Diaphragm for Projection attachment
   -  Projection attachment for Dedolight
   -  Shutter kit (4pcs) for Projection attachment
   -  Slide Holder for Projection attachment

  • Profoto MultiSpot Set + Dedolight