Rental fee : 3,500 THB
Quantity : 1

Profoto StripLights are special application heads that provide a long and narrow light source with a subtle fall-off. They are often used with the optional BarnDoors to create perfectly even highlights with sharp outlines, but are also great on their own as long and highly controllable rim lights. This has made them favored among fashion photographers who want the model to pop out of their image as well as car photographers wanting razor sharp reflections in the car body.

  • Provides a 70 cm/27.5 in long and 10 cm/3.9 in wide light source.
  • Creates perfectly even highlights with razor sharp outlines.
  • Can be stacked together to create even longer light sources.
  • Built-in fan allows continuous use.
  • Fully proportional modeling light.
  • Capable of producing large quantities of images at a high rate.
  • Pro Strip Light S 70cm with Barn door