Rental fee : 1,500 THB
Quantity : 1

Sharing its basic lighting characteristics with the Zoom Reflector, this new reflector is unique because the angle of light varies from 20 degrees at head position 5, to 30 degrees at head position 10. Even illumination and high light output add to the versatility of this new unit.

  The Tele Zoom Reflector produces f/90.3 @ ISO 100 at 2 meters with a 2400 W/s pack. The Tele Zoom accepts the same accessories like the Magnum and Narrow Beam Reflector.

Diameter    :    34.5 cm (13.58 in)

Size    :    42 cm depth (16.5 in depth)

Weight      :    0.85 kg (1.87 lb)

  • Tele Zoom